Chocolatey coconut water protein smoothie bowl

Chocolatey coconut water protein smoothie bowl


This months recipes seem to have taken a bit of a chocolatey theme.. but afterall, we have just had Valentines day and if that’s not an occasion for chocolate, then I don’t know when is!


Although this might taste incredibly delicious and indulgent, it’s actually packed full of incredible ingredients and you could even enjoy it for breakfast! To get that really smooth, creamy texture, the base of the smoothie bowl is of course.. banana! Bananas are an incredible thing to add into your smoothies, as they provide natural sweetness and if you use frozen bananas, you can whip up a really thick, ice cream like smoothie! We’ve also used a plant based protein in here to really boost the protein content, making this a great post-workout option as well.


Of course we’ve included our Organic coconut water in here to add amazing electrolytes and help keep us hydrated!



1 banana

1 scoop chocolate pea protein

2/3 cup Coco Zumi Coconut water 

1 tbsp cacao powder

1 tsp chia seeds

1 tsp cashew nut butter


Blend all of the above ingredients together until smooth. Serve and top with fresh fruit and some coconut chips. Enjoy!