Coconut & spirulina no bake macaroons

Coconut & spirulina no bake macaroons

Spirulina can often be one of those ingredients that we buy to mix into smoothies and juices, but other than that it seems to end up stuck on a shelf at the back of the kitchen cupboard. Despite it’s deep, swamp like green colour, spirulina can actually be used to create a whole host of delicious recipes.. and no, these macaroons don’t taste like a bitter green juice. If you use a small quantity, I find that you can’t really taste the spirulina at all- so it’s a great way to sneak in a little bit of green and also makes for ana gazing natural food colouring!


If you’re a coconut fan (which I would presume you are if you’re visiting our site!), then this recipe is just the one for you.. it’s pretty much 75% coconut! We’ve used our delicious coconut oil, blended with organic desiccated coconut to create a really light and crunchy coconutty treat- perfect for a mid -afternoon snack with a cup of tea or bulletproof coffee.



1/3 desiccated coconut

1/3 cup cashew nuts

1/3 cup dates (pitted)

1/2 tsp spirulina powder

1 tbsp Coco Zumi Coconut Oil 

Pinch of fresh lemon zest


Place the cashew nuts into a food processor and blend on their own for a few seconds, until slightly crushed.

Add the remaining ingredients and blend until everything is well combined and forms a sticky mixture.

Take a small amount of the coconut mix and mould into a small cookie/macaroon shape. Place these into a dish and pop them into the fridge for a couple of hours to set.

Optional- drizzle with a little raw chocolate to decorate.